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Best Pot for Pothos Reviews

Raising a pothos plant at home is beneficial and decorative. But at times, their remaining on the ground messes the floor and creates wastes. This lessens the beauty of your house and restrains the plant from growing further.

If you can hang the pothos plant, it will minimize the mess it creates. Also, it will look excellent and aesthetic. But for that, you must have the best pot for pothos.

The pot is beneficial to the pothos not only for decorative purposes but also for constant growth. Good water maintenance and safety of the plant is ensured.

But make sure you get a firm and rigid one for the purpose. Otherwise, any breaking or looseness of the cord can ruin your plant and purpose.

Before you go on to buy one, make sure to make a good idea about it. And in this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best pots suitable for pothos.

Our Top Pick:

Top 10 Best Pot for Pothos Reviews

Our team of expert gardeners used a lot of pots and tubs for the pothos. From their research and user feedback, they’ve concluded with ten unique pots for pothos.

We’ve described them in brief for you below:

1. Growneer Plant Hangers, Macrame Plant Hangers, Rope Hanging Planters

GROWNEER 5 Packs Macrame Plant Hangers with 5 Hooks, Different Tiers, Handmade Cotton Rope Hanging Planters Set Flower Pots Holder Stand, for Indoor Outdoor Boho Home Decor

The best possible hanger for hanging your pothos plant is the Growneer plant hanger. Its five hooks give a strong fixation with the wall. The hanging becomes more precise and stable through it.

You get to use the hangers pretty quickly. Just spread the four legs and put the flower pot in the bottom middle.

Use a hook to fit it in the wall, or by using an L bracket.  You can also hang the plant on any leg you want.

The hanger is made up of natural cotton. It is easily washable with the usual component. Overall body is made up of rigid components making it quite durable and firm.

One of the most exciting things about this hanger is that it can fit different kinds of plants. No complications regarding the shape and size of the plants can be seen too.  You can do a plant up to 10″ in the pot.

The Growneer hanger is not only for plant-based hangings. You can use the hanger for wedding decorations, house decorations, indoor/outdoor corner spaces, kitchen, bedroom, halls, doors, balcony, etc.

2. Hanging Planter Pots, Balcony Hanging Basket by La Jolíe Muse

Hanging Planter Flower Plant Pots - 10 Inch Indoor Outdoor Balcony Patio Hanging Basket Set of 2, Marble Pattern

If you’re concerned with the designs and outlook, then this pot is the perfect one for you. The modern and concrete look of the pot will surely charm you.

Covered with marble patterns, unique textures, and distinguishing features, you are getting the best pot for golden pothos.

Finding the pot space is never a thing to be worried about. You can use the pot for hanging your pothos plant in many areas. Using it in your balcony, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchen, corridor, etc., will serve entirely apart from using it in the garden.

The water reservoir correctly assures water supplying to the plant at the base of the pot. The plant will be getting all-time water through this without any wastage.

The components of the pot are pretty robust. It is made up of recyclable plastics, which are pretty light in weight. You can adjust the height of the pot accordingly.

These pots are fully water-resistant. No external effect can damage the quality of the pot. Be it rain or sunlight; the pot persists comfortably through these phases.

For an extended assurance, you can avail any kind of assistance from the company. You can also avail of a refund if you don’t like the pot within a certain period.

3. Greenaholics – Large Plant Pots, White Ceramic Planter

Large Plant Pot - 8.8 Inch Round White Ceramic Planter with Saucer and Drainage Hole for Scindapsus Aureum and Ivy Vine

By the name, you can already assume the pots to be large. It certainly keeps its name by having a diameter of 8.8 inches. You can plant various kinds of plants in it.

Its design is made specifically for the pothos and devil’s ivy plants. There is enough depth for the plants to fit in firmly.

One of the most noticeable things about this plant pot is its compatibility. You can fit it in many open spaces inside and outside your house.

The pot is made up of ceramics. Its aesthetic design suits the furniture and other things inside your house firmly.

If you are willing to develop a house garden, then the pot will serve you perfectly. The pot is an effective one to supply the proper amount of water to the plants and minimize wastages.

The customer service of the brand is very active and helpful. Feel free to contact them if you face any kind of issues with the pot.

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4. LA JOLIE MUSE – Outdoor Garden Planters, indoor Pots with Drainage Holes

Flower Pots Outdoor Garden Planters, Indoor Plant Pots with Drainage Holes, Speckled White (8.6 + 7.5 Inch)

One of the most desirable features that separate this pot from the others is its minimalist style designs in two different sizes. One comprises 8.6″ D x 6.7″H, and the other is 7.5″D x 5.7″H. It is the best pot for pothos for decorative purposes.

The pot is tapered in shape. Comes in delicate matte white with black speckles. Very light in weight but firmer and robust.

There are four drainage holes for assuring the best and the perfect drainage system for the plants. Ferns, pothos, and spider plants can be kept firmly in it.

The pot comprises recyclable plastic and natural stone powders, which makes it 30% lighter than ceramics.  It can sustain under sunlight and rain.

Your plant will not be affected due to any external effect. Any kind of crack, frost, and peel damage can not be seen on it. Apart from it, the plant is assumed to be hydrated whenever it is required.

For your satisfaction, the brand assures you the full refund policy. That means, if you don’t like the product after using it, you can get your money back by returning it.

5. TIMEYARD Macrame Plant Hanger, Indoor Hanging Planter Shelf, Decorative Flower Pot

TIMEYARD Macrame Plant Hanger - Indoor Hanging Planter Shelf - Decorative Flower Pot Holder - Boho Bohemian Home Decor, in Box, for Succulents, Cacti, Herbs, Small Plants

The cord of the hanging flower pot is a unique one. It is made up of soft cotton and is twisted. The cord’s longevity is assured, and it can uplift any kind of plant inside the tub.

The base is 2.3 cm deep with strong side protections. You can use the macrame hanger set as a base plate too. If you don’t want to hang it, you can use it on the ground below a pot.

Its formation is what makes it aesthetic and beautiful. A mix up of tribal objects, ethnic art, hippie decor, Aztec decor, and boho deco makes it a unique and noticeable hanger. It is touched with one of the ancient forms of handmade designs.

The dimension of the hanger is 12″ x 12″ x 0.9. It can be hanged at 35” height maximum.  You get to use it at balconies, corridors, living rooms, halls, decorations, etc.

Fixing the macrame hanger is pretty simple. Just fix a hook in the wall or ceiling and hang it. It is undoubtedly one of the best mediums for a hanging plant pot.

You can avail any kind of help from the customer care of the brand regarding the pot.

6. Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants, Garden Planters and Pots by LA JOLIE

Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants - Flower Pots Outdoor 10 inch Garden Planters and Pots,Speckled White Set of 2

The brand has been producing some good pot for pothos with some great designs. Their innovation of producing in pairs have been a bold move for the gardener and plant lovers.

You get to enjoy your plants inside an attractive and speckled white hanging pot. Coming in pairs, they can light up any empty spaces graciously. Hanging it in the patio, deck, or garden or indoors in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom can be useful.

There are four predrilled holes in the pot. A feasible water flow system is ensured for the plants. It also minimizes wastages and keeps the area clean.

The pot is made up of recyclable plastics. You can adjust its hanging according to your needs with its sturdy heavy-duty triple rope. The plants look more attractive with the concrete like design and formation.

No matter how severe the sun shines or how long it rains, the pot can sustain firmly under them. You can see no sign of cracking or damage on it.

The pot assures you with a 100% money back guarantee. Also, the brand’s customer care is always up to assist you in any matter.

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7. T4U, Plastic Self Watering Pots with Macrame Plant Hangers

T4U 7 Inch Plastic Self Watering Pots with Macrame Plant Hangers, Set of 4 with 4 Ceiling Hooks Included, for All House Plants, Flowers, Herbs, Foliage Plants, African Violets

You won’t have to worry about keeping your plants hydrated anymore. This watering pot is sufficient enough to do the task.

There are four holes in it to regulate the water and air balance of your plants. The best pot for golden pothos stagnant water gets out of the tub through a hole.

You can hang the tubs on the ceiling or porch. The cords are made up of 100% cotton, and the tub is made up of high-quality plastic. It pretty sturdy and rigid in terms of assuring longevity.

You get 4 PCS Plastic Pots, 4 PCS Macrame plant hangers, and 4 PCS hooks with the whole package. You can hang the pot at 39″ height approximately. It looks fantastic on the porch, kitchen, coffee shop, balcony, etc.

There is an exchange guarantee assurance within 120 days of buying the pot. The brand’s customer care is also pretty active in helping you with any issues regarding the pot.

8. LA JOLIE MUSE Outdoor Indoor Flower Pots

Flower Pots Outdoor Indoor Garden Planters,Plant Pots Containers with Drain Hole, Speckled White (8.6 inch, 1 Pack)

This flowering pot is one of the most popular ones from the brand. Its unique speckled white design with a black sprinkled dot is very charming to look at.

The pot is 8.6″ D x 6.7″ H. You can insert any kind of flower or plant in it. The pot is suitable to be hanged outside or inside as an office pot for the pothos plant.

With its four pre-drilled holes, you won’t have to worry about the plants’ drainage facility. Your plants will always remain hydrated with the water balance in the pot.

Apart from that, the passage of dirty water is also maintained.  It is recommended to use a saucer beneath it for outdoor hangings.

The pot is made up of durable, recyclable plastic material and natural stone powder. No sign of fade, frost, crack, and peel damage can be seen on it. You can stay relief with the firmness and rigidity it provides.

You can keep the pot under any kind of adverse weather. Be it under the scorching heat of the sun or heavy rainstorm, the cord and the pot will ensure the full safety of your plants.

For any kind of inconvenience, the brand assures you a full money refund of the product. If you face any kind of difficulty with the pot, you can call their customer care to gain help.

9. POTEY Ceramic Plant Pot Planter

POTEY 052501 Ceramic Plant Pot Planter - 5.6 Inches White Planter for Indoor Plants Flower Succulent with Drainage Hole & Saucer

With the ceramic body, the pot attains all the traits to be firm and rigid for your plants. The rigid pot is 5.6 inches in diameter and 4.9 inches in Height.

For your plants’ fitness, there is a hole for proper water supply. The system assures excess water to be reused for the plant. All types of spills and wastages have been prevented.

The pot is finely textured with light color clay and glazed correctly. This pot is fired to make it a sustaining one. The firing reduced the pot’s porousness and vulnerability to external factors.

You can use the pot for different purposes. From decorating to gardening, it will serve much with any kind of plant.

To avail any kind of help with the pot, you can contact the brand’s customer care service. Also, the brand offers a refund or replacement of the product in case of any inconvenience.

10. Orimina Glass Planters, Wall Hanging Planters, Glass Plant Pots (Pack of 6)

Orimina Pack of 6 Glass Planters Wall Hanging Planters Round Glass Plant Pots Hanging Air Plant Pots Flower Vase Air Plant Terrariums Wall Hanging Plant Container, 12 cm Diameter ¡­

Your plants will look amazing in the cute pot for pothos of the original glass pots. The plant’s inner part will be visible, which will form the coloring segment of the pot.

You get six glass pots that will be fitted with six pins. Each glass planters are 4.7-inch diameters. That means you can plant small-home based plants in it suitably.

There is a hole in the back of the glass hole. This hole allows you to hang it on the wall. Perfect water hydration is also maintained for the plants inside the pot.

Its size is wise to plant air plants, water plants, and any other small plant accessories in it.

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Frequently Asked Question About Pot for Pothos

pot for pothos

1. What Kind of Pot Do I Need for Golden Pothos?

Any kind of pot with proper drainage and air facility is suitable for golden pothos. If you want to hang them, make sure to have a rigid cord or cotton cord with it.

2. How Big of a Pot for Pothos Plant?

You should always consider 2-inches more extensive than the old pot for the pothos. For considering the depth, a 10 inches depth will give you enough room for the pothos to grow.

3. What Kind of Pot for Indoor Golden Pothos?

 You can go for the pots that are usually used for the pothos. For indoor purposes, you can use it as a decorative component by hanging or designing it.

4. What Kind of Pot for Marble Queen Pothos?

Keep your marble queen pothos in a pot that serves the best humidity to the plant. The drainage system should be perfect in it. Otherwise, your pothos will fade away.

5. What is the Best Fertilizer for Pothos?

A soil-based potting serves as the best fertilizer for pothos. You can also get many fertilizers in the market. You have to use them with the proper dose over your pothos.


Your pothos will sustain for a long time if you choose the right pot for them. And by reading our article, you must’ve decided the right one by now.

But apart from the pot’s task, it is your utmost duty to take care of the pot and plant. Always keep the thing from any kind of danger like adverse condition, animals, kids, etc. Otherwise, the pot will break your purpose will remain unfulfilled.

Select the pot that suites with your purpose. These are the best pot for pothos you can find in the market. All of them are proven ones with several observations to make your gardening and home decoration magnificent.

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