Best Aloe Vera Juices Reviews

With an appearance reminiscent of the Sideshow Bob’s hair(from the Simpsons), Aloe Vera is a curious-looking plant, indeed. It’s an evergreen perennial species originating from the Arabian Peninsula. Nowadays, however, it’s grown everywhere in the world, mostly due to its health and cosmetic worth, so to speak.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding of this cheeky-looking plant, and reveal why so many people flock to the beauty and health products derived from its juices. Oh yes, and we’ll also give you a top 10 list of the best Aloe Vera-based juices!

Top Picks

Right then, without further ado, let’s get right into 10 Best Aloe Vera Juices

1. OKF Farmers – Aloe Vera Drink Flavored Variety Pack

Neatly poured into 16.9 ounce bottles, the OKF Farmer’s Aloe Vera drinks come in five different flavors. Namely, we’re talking about: pomegranate, strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, as well as the original flavor of Aloe Vera itself.


The manufacturers at OKF Farmers managed to squeeze up to 25% of Aloe Vera into each of the bottles. (That’s 25% of a full bottle’s weight, of course) Thanks to this technological marvel, or possibly it might be witchcraft even, the OKF Farmer’s Aloe Vera juices feature a special pulpy feel which is refreshing as well as healthy for you.

If you’re worried that this rather plump percentage of the plant itself being thrown into every lil bottle will mean loads of calories, don’t be- because each serving of these Aloe Vera-based juices (regardless of the taste in question) contains only about 50 calories grand total!

Therefore, if you’re planning on losing weight, including these juices into your diet can make a world of difference for you. You could even replace an entire meal with a bottle of this juice, as the fibers inside will keep you well-nourished. Hydration goes without question, of course.


  • Contains leaf pulp
  • Comes in five flavors
  • Tastes delicious
  • Rich with fibers


  • Some people may find the flavor to be too sweet

2. ALO – Aloe Vera Drink Variety (Pack of 12)

Featuring a simple recipe that relies on only natural ingredients and mixtures of fruits, the Aloe Vera Drink Variety pack represents a bundle of healthy beverages based on Aloe Vera. In order to preserve as many of the natural nutrients from the plant, these drinks are made of both Aloe Vera juices and its pulp, which adds the beverage a special kind of texture.


When it comes to the actual flavors these juices come in, the folks at ALO made three different versions of the beverage. They all represent pairs of two flavors, so there’s actually six different major ingredients used in the whole package.

So, here’s the lot- you’ve got: 1) original Aloe Vera + honey, 2) watermelon + peach, and 3) mangosteen + mango. Of course, all of these juices are based on Aloe Vera, but the last two simply have different flavors added.

Other than that, as you can see in the title of this entry, this is a bundle o’ twelve bottles, so if you decide to buy it, you’ll get four of each!


  • Made out of Aloe Vera pulp and juice
  • Comes in three different flavors
  • Contains Aloe Vera particles


  • Some people might not appreciate the tiny bits of the plant inside their beverage

3. Aubrey Organics –Pure Aloe Vera Liquid (118 ml)

Occupying the third spot on our list, this Aloe Vera liquid does not come in the form of a juice, but rather represents a moisturizing crème for skin. According to the manufacturers, you can apply this product to your skin or use it as sort of a shampoo. Its main effect is moisturizing, so wherever you choose to apply it, you should be happy to know that the area will get plenty of hydration.


First off, let’s just mention the fact that this product is 98% organic and based on fresh leaves of the Aloe Vera plant which the Aubrey Organics folks managed to squeeze into shampoo bottle-sized, well, bottles. What’s more, the mixture the chemists at Aubrey Organics came up with has been favorably-viewed and more importantly- officially recognized for its quality by the International Aloe Science Council!


  • Hydrates your skin and hair
  • Works particularly well to nurture sun-burnt skin
  • This product has not been tested on animals
  • Highly-efficient for oily and sensitive complexions


  • Some users may find its smell unpleasant

4. Aloe Life – Cherry Berry Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate

If we were to judge this juice solely on its packaging, it wouldn’t necessarily fare all that well, in all fairness. It sort of looks like those odd chemical mixtures you use to repel cats and stray dogs off your lawn. Now, even though it may not be packaged in the pretties of bottles out there, the Aloe Life’s Whole Leaf Juice Concentrate has got plenty to offer when it comes to the liquid itself. (Which is what really counts, of course.)


Since extensive tests about the actual benefits of Aloe Vera’s juice on your health haven’t really been done yet, we’ll have to take the following assertions on the part of the manufacturer with a grain of salt. Namely, according to the Aloe Life folks, their Aloe Vera juice concentrate can help with your digestion and absorption of food if you decide to take it before your meals.

Also, they claim that this cherry-flavored concoction can reduce the yeast overgrowth in your stomach and even help with allergies and skin irritations. Overall, this beverage was imagined as a supplement to your normal diet, so it shouldn’t be taken as a dietary product instead of your regular meals.


  • Allegedly helps with immune system, battles acne
  • Improves digestion
  • Made from high-quality certified Aloe leaves
  • Safe for all age groups


  • As with other Aloe-based products, some people don’t really like the taste

5. Aloe Life – GoldWhole Leaf Juice Concentrate

Representing the last entry on this list, we’ve got another product from the Aloe Life company. This time around, though, the taste is not cherry but rather the original Aloe Vera flavor. The package is the same sort that the entry above came in, for the record.


When it comes to the health benefits this juice allegedly has on your body, the Aloe Life folks list a number of points that are slightly different than those for the previous product. Namely, if you take this juice regularly, it can improve your digestion and help fight gut bacteria (especially Candida).


  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Battles unwanted yeast overgrowths in your gut (particularly Candida)
  • Contains over 100 active ingredients
  • Rich in Calcium and Magnesium


  • Some users don’t really appreciate the somewhat bitter taste

6. George’s Aloe Vera Supplement

In case you didn’t already know, aloe vera actually has an incredible number of benefits for the human body. It’s not only great for different stomach problems, but it can also help to soothe different skin conditions, as well. George Warren, the creator of George’s Aloe Vera Supplement, was an independent research chemist from Houston, Texas. He created this product by using a special processing method that prevents aloe vera from spoiling without having to take away any of the essential properties of the plant. His method actually eliminates the aloins of the aloe vera, which is what gives the plant its bitter taste and greenish color.

He was also able to figure out how to remove starches and sugars from the aloe vera, which means that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. This aloe vera supplement doesn’t contain any added water, preservatives, or chemicals of any kind, making it a safe product for you to use in or on your body! In fact, this product looks and tastes just like spring water! If you’re looking for an aloe vera supplement that is not only good for you, but tastes good, as well, then you should certainly check out this aloe vera supplement created by George Warren!


  • Doesn’t contain aloin
  • Great for acid reflux and other digestive issues
  • Affordable


  • A bit on the acidic side of the pH scale
  • Can make people feel nauseous
  • A bit on the expensive side

7. Real Aloe Whole-Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Juice 

Miracle of Aloe has been making quality aloe vera products for the past 30 years, so needless to say, they know what they’re doing. This 100% whole leaf aloe juice is made using their very own specially developed processing method, known as the UltraAloe process. This process was created to give consumers a freshly potent aloe vera juice that can be used on a daily basis. This aloe vera juice, which is certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC), is extracted from organically-grown, mature Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller leaves that have been harvested at their peak potency.

In fact, the raw juice is actually put through their UltraAloe process in order to enhance the natural potency of the plant, as well as, neutralize the undesirable side effects of the aloin. As opposed to other companies, Miracle of Aloe actually adds less than a 10th of a percent of potassium sorbate and citric acid, which results in a product that is 99.75% pure and natural. It is recommended that aloe vera is used internally on a regular basis to heal digestive issues, so if you’re struggling to feel better, check out this incredible product from Miracle of Aloe. You won’t be disappointed!


  • Great for Crohn’s Disease, IBS, and ulcers
  • Unflavored
  • Full of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients


  • Can sometimes leave the throat feeling like it’s burning
  • Has an undesirable taste
  • Can make the stomach feel upset

8. Herbalife Herbal Aloe Drink Concentrate

It can be unbelievably frustrating to actually find a genuinely beneficial aloe vera supplement through all of the ads on the Internet, especially when you take into consideration how many frauds there are out there. Luckily, Herbalife guarantees legitimate results with every single one of their products that they release. This Aloe Vera Concentrate made by Herbalife will undoubtedly leave you feeling fantastic after just a few times of using it. While many companies claim that their product will leave consumers feeling relieved of their ailments, Herbalife promises all of their customers that they will see the results they’re looking for and actually feel good about them.

And this aloe vera concentrate drink by Herbalife is certainly no different. Unfortunately, some aloe vera products can make people feel a bit nauseous, but that doesn’t happen with Herbalife’s aloe vera drink concentrate. Not only does this product support healthy digestion, but it also soothes the stomach and relieves occasional indigestion that we all go through. It also supports nutrient absorption and intestinal health, which is something that we all need from time to time. If you’re looking for an aloe vera drink supplement, then this product by Herbalife should be your very first choice!


  • Helps soothe heartburn
  • A great addition to fruit smoothies
  • Can help with weight loss


  • Consumers must remember that this is a concentrate, so they must add water
  • Bitter taste
  • A bit expensive

9. Herbalife Herbal Aloe Drink (Concentrate)16 oz – New Mango Flavor!

Have you ever had the undeniable pleasure of tasting aloe vera? If so, then you most likely know that it’s not pleasurable. If you’ve ever had to drink aloe vera, then you can attest to the fact that it always seems to taste a little bit bitter. Okay, it tastes REALLY bitter, not just a little bit bitter. Because of this undesirable taste, many people just can’t seem to actually drink aloe vera the way that they should. This is unfortunate because aloe vera is unbelievably good for your body.

If you find yourself wanting to drink aloe vera, but can’t stand the taste of it, then you should check out this New Mango Flavor Herbal Aloe Drink by Herbalife. This incredible aloe vera concentrate not only tastes amazing, but it contains the beneficial properties that come with drinking aloe vera. Aloe vera is unbelievably good at helping digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and indigestion. It’s also extremely helpful at soothing different skin issues, such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. If you’re looking for an aloe vera concentrate drink, but you can’t seem to get down more than a sip because of how it tastes, then you should definitely try this New Mango Flavored Herbal Aloe Drink by Herbalife!


  • Helps bloating
  • Helps acid reflux
  • Tastes great


  • Can cause kidney problems
  • A bit expensive
  • Must drink with water

10. Aloe Vera Juice by Pharm-Aloe

Because aloe vera is so good for your stomach, people tend to drink it on a daily basis. This can obviously be a pretty expensive habit to maintain, and even though it’s worth it, many people just can’t seem to afford it. Luckily, with this Pharm-Aloe Concentrated Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, you’re able to get more bang for your buck! This aloe vera leaf juice is four times more concentrated than other comparable products on the market. Pharm-Aloe accomplishes this by putting their aloe vera leaf juice into a rising and falling film evaporator which removes the naturally occurring water at room temperature.

This allows them to increase the active ingredient solids from roughly 1.5% to 6%, which is a four fold increase! This product from Pharm-Aloe doesn’t contain the rind, aloin, or alo emodin that are found in other aloe vera products on the market. Because of the high concentration of active ingredients, this juice has a particularly strong taste to it, so it’s recommended that customers mix it with a favorite fruit juice or smoothie! If you’re looking for a great aloe vera juice that you can rely on, then you should most definitely try this product by Pharm-Aloe! You won’t be disappointed!


  • Can be used as a shampoo
  • Great for GERD
  • Helps acid reflux


  • Undesirable taste
  • Can cause an upset stomach

How to Choose a Good Quality Aloe Vera Juice

Not many are aware that it is possible for aloe vera to be processed and made into a juice. Although it is typically used to treat burns and other wounds, aloe vera is also incredibly useful when it is made into a juice.

Drinking aloe vera juice has lots of health benefits, but it also has side effects. If you are interested in drinking this juice and adding it to your nutritional habits, you’ll need to be able to find aloe vera juices that are of the best quality.

Quality aloe vera juice will be easy to find, containing a good balance of compounds and nutrients, and is not made with a lot of preservatives.

What is aloe Vera juice used for?

There are a lot of benefits to drinking aloe vera juice that most other juices just do not provide. One of these is treating constipation. Aloe vera juice contains anthraquinones, which have the same kind of effect as any other laxative does.

Aloe vera juice also contains a lot more vitamin c than most other juices that claim to have a lot of vitamin c. The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin c can help if you are experiencing digestive problems. People are slowly becoming more and more aware of things that cause and cure inflammation, and aloe vera juice will prevent inflammation of the gums when somebody drinks it. This is useful, because if your gums are inflamed, your teeth will be affected as well.

Blood sugar levels are another growing health concern, and drinking aloe vera juice will also manage these levels.

These benefits are fantastic, but there are also side effects of aloe vera juice. Right along with anthraquinones, aloe vera juice also contains aloin, which is a possible cause of cancer. This is a major side effect of aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice can also cause electrolyte imbalances and it can also cause an upset stomach if too much of it is consumed.

Despite these two side effects, there are still a lot of good reasons to drink aloe vera juice.

What to look for in aloe vera juice

Because of the properties of aloin, many aloe vera juice manufacturers list the aloin content in their juices.

You need to pay very close attention to this aloin content and make sure that as little of it is used as possible.

You should also pay attention to any additives and preservatives are in whatever aloe vera juice you are choosing. If aloe vera juice has a lot of additives and preservatives, chances are good that it may not be as beneficial as it should be.

Although additives and preservatives will increase the shelf life of aloe vera juice, it increases this shelf life at the expense of it’s beneficial properties. Drinking aloe vera juice that contains a lot of additives and preservatives is not nearly as healthful as drinking aloe vera juice that do not contain as many additives or preservatives.

Although it does improve some aspects of your health, aloe vera juice does contain some properties that can be potentially harmful.

The probability of these harmful compounds existing is related to the aloin content of the juice as well as the amounts of additives and preservatives in it. The fewer the amount of preservatives and additives in aloe vera juice, the more optimized the juice is.

Take the time and effort to find aloe vera juice that is made as organic as possible. You will not regret it.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Even though the actual health benefits resulting from the consumption of Aloe Vera juices are still pretty much disputed by the scientific community, there’s a large number of people that claim that drinking the juice extracted from this plant has numerous benefits on your digestion and overall health. Let’s see what these claims are in more detail, shall we:

1) Improves Liver Function – Liver is organ in our body that’s in charge of filtration and detoxification. Since Aloe Vera helps hydrate and nourish your body, it accelerates the liver function and helps it in getting rid of harmful toxins in our systems.

2) Enhances Your Body’s Alkalinity – the battle between alkalinity and acidity in our bodies is a never-ending one. In order to stay healthy, it’s important to keep the levels of acidity at bay, as too much acid has been linked to numerous health conditions. Aloe Vera is rich in alkalis, so it naturally tips the scales more in favor of alkalinity!

3) Works against Constipation – One of the best ways to keep your digestion healthy is too simply drink plenty of water. Hydration, in general, is quite important for battling both constipation and diarrhea (oddly enough). Since Aloe Vera is a great source of hydration, it goes without saying that it will help with constipation issues.

4) Cleanses Your Skin – Aloe Vera juice is full of vitamins and minerals, so crèmes and gels made out of it can improve the health of your skin. Thanks to its hydration capabilities and the aforementioned minerals and vitamins, and you’ve got yourself a concoction that battles acne and psoriasis.

5) Hydration – Even though we’ve already mentioned it, let’s just reiterate once again that Aloe Vera is a great source of water that can hydrate and revitalize your skin as well as your internal organs. If you can handle the taste, drinking Aloe Vera-based juices may be beneficial for your health in the long run!

Possible Side Effects of Aloe Vera Juice

While Aloe Vera juice is mostly known for its excellent health benefits, some people may experience certain adverse effects after consuming it. In this section, we’ll see what those are:

1) Drop in Blood Sugar – Aloe Vera is known to have laxative effects on your digestive system, so drinking its juice may lead to a drop in your blood sugar levels. Therefore, if you’re a diabetic, make sure to consult your doctor before deciding to consume Aloe Vera-based juices on a daily basis.

2) Works as a Laxative – Sometimes, drinking a juice that has laxative effects may be beneficial for our gut, especially if you have constipation. Consuming too much of it, however, can lead to diarrhea and with it dehydration.

3) Stomach Discomfort – Aloe Vera juice has a very particular taste, partly due to the fact that it contains latex. In people with sensitive digestive tracts, latex can cause cramps and abdominal discomfort, so if you fall into the category of people with sensitive tummies, make sure to consult a physician or a nutritionist before indulging yourself with large quantities of Aloe Vera juice!

4) Lowers Potassium in your System – Since Aloe Vera juice is known to decrease the levels of potassium in our body, drinking too much of it can lead to fatigue and general weakness. Again, if you feel weak after drinking Aloe Vera juice, consult your physician for advice on how you should proceed with consuming it further.

The Side Effects, Drug Interactions, and Contraindications of Aloe Vera

Whether it is used to treat burns, skin conditions, and even digestion issues, aloe vera is one of the most common substances that people use to improve certain conditions.

More and more uses for aloe vera are being discovered, and that is what makes it so common. It’s not uncommon for it to be a daily household item because of its multitude of uses.

However, aloe vera is not for everybody, and it does contain side effects, drug interactions, and contraindications that can be pretty harmful.

Because they are being more and more commonly used, it is important to be well aware of these.

What are aloe vera’s most common uses?

Before even exploring how aloe vera can be potentially harmful, it is a good idea to know what the most common uses of the plant are.

It is also good to know that the plant itself is usually concentrated into a gel which then has different properties than the plant itself. This of course makes it much easier to “consume” than the plant itself.

Aloe vera can also be concentrated into juice and other substances that can be consumed by drinking.

The most common uses for aloe vera gel are for treating burns, cuts, and other skin conditions.

Aloe vera concentrate is used for indigestion and heartburn relief. The juice from the concentrate releases certain chemicals in your body that can counteract the chemicals that cause those conditions.

You can typically use aloe vera for these conditions without much risk. The risks come when using it for uncommon reasons, as you will see.

Aloe latex: A risky drug interaction with some very negative side effects

Sometimes aloe concentrate is just not enough to treat some of the more significant digestion problems.

This is where aloe latex comes in. A slightly less concentrated version of aloe vera, it is possible to treat even the worst indigestion issues with aloe latex.

However, aloe latex has some side effects that make it risky to take. Diarrhea, cramps, and kidney damage are all potential side effects of taking aloe latex directly. It is also possible to develop a tolerance to other substances that treat indigestion because of this. Aloe latex is that powerful.

This is because aloe latex functions as a laxative, and like with any given laxative, it needs to be used wisely. If you are experiencing indigestion, be very careful with aloe latex. In most cases, you should just stick to aloe juice.

Even if you believe you are allergic to aloe vera, avoid aloe latex. This is one of two contraindications against the substance.

Aloe vera is a supplement, not a medication

Another contraindication against aloe vera is the fact that it is registered as a supplement and not a medication.

While it does treat certain conditions, aloe vera is not designed to cure certain conditions. Many who use aloe vera are not aware of this, as they will continue to use it to treat conditions when most of these conditions require a cure.

This can be especially true when using aloe vera concentrate to treat indigestion issues. If you continue to have indigestion issues after drinking aloe vera juice, you should see a doctor and see what they recommend.
While aloe vera is very useful for treating things instead of spending a lot of time or money at healthcare facilities, you need to understand that it serves as a treatment, not a cure.

Like with many supplements, it is possible to be excessive with aloe vera. This is what can get those who use it in trouble.

By all means, use aloe vera to treat your cuts, bruises, burns, indigestion, and other small scale ailments. But if the symptoms still exist, you need to stop using aloe vera and consult a physician because side effects do exist, and they can be troublesome.

In conclusion, Aloe Vera juice is an ingredient found inbeverages across the world, and it’s been used in medicine and beauty productsfor centuries. Hopefully, this article helped you find the perfect Aloe Verajuice and learn more about its uses and health benefits, as well as thepossible negative effects. We wish you a merry and hassle-free purchase!